Adult Classes


Wednesday Evenings | 6:15 to 7 | Dining Hall
Join us for Bible Study, Dialogue, Music & Fellowship!

Sunday Bible Study

You will find below a description of each of our current classes. We hope that you will feel free to visit multiple classes and find the one that is right for you!
Many of our classes make use of Smyth and Helwys’s Formations, a series of bible study guides designed to encourage both individual reflection and group discussion. If you have trouble finding a classroom, let one of our greeters know. They will be happy to help. Come see us!

The Amicus class is an eclectic group of couples and individuals. There is a mixture of retirees and those still in the workforce. Robert Hendrix facilitates this lecture oriented class, but they enjoy a good dialogue each week, based on the Formations literature. Members especially enjoy socializing by going to dinner and to the beach.

Room 215 | *50+ & “Forever Young”

The Discipleship Class consists of active individuals of diverse theology. Teaching responsibilities rotate among several class members. Discussion is lively and encouraged. There is strong fellowship and support among class members. This class also meets regularly for social events for families, including game and movie nights, and a Low Country Boil. Members take a yearly beach retreat for relaxation and spiritual renewal. Many members of this class are actively involved in other areas of the church including choir, nursery care, hand-bell choir, and teaching in other Sunday morning classes.

Room 222 | *45 to 65

Although the Footprints class is lecture-oriented, discussion is always a part of how they learn and grow together each week. Gerald Keown is a gifted teacher and an Associate Dean at Gardner Webb’s School of Divinity. Gerald uses the Bible and other various sources in preparing each week. This class includes both members who are theologically liberal and those with quite conservative points of view. They enjoy fellowship & food, so they try to schedule class events around food several times throughout a year. Most importantly, the members of the Footprints class love one another and enjoy in-depth Bible study. Here you will find a welcoming group of folks, good fellowship, good cooks, and thought provoking discussion.

Room 218 | *50s – 60s

The Reflections class seeks to relate the faith of its members with the bigger picture of what is happening in culture and world events. Teaching rotates among several class members. Study centers on the lectionary passage or around topical Bible studies, including those focusing on cultural and social justice issuesMembers of the Reflections class strive to be real with one another in both celebration and struggle. They get together socially on a semi-regular basis.

Room 225 | *20s-40s

The Alma Hudson Ladies’ Class has been together for a long time and is very welcoming of new members. Margaret League leads this caring fellowship of married, single and widowed women, who enjoy in-depth Bible study and participate in many mission projects. Special activities include beach trips, fall BBQs, Christmas luncheons and a spring social.

Room 217 | *55+

Members of the Ruth Class speak very highly of their teachers, Mason Harris and Faye Howard, describing them as a wonderful teachers and assets to the class. Members have found much love for one another and for their community. It is no wonder that “when someone joins this class, she usually stays.”

Room 205 is located on the hall adjacent to the Chapel. | *60+

The Fellowship Senior Men’s Class is a devoted and caring group of guys who enjoy each other’s company and the experience of studying the Bible together. Discussion and preparation responsibilities are shared among the members.

Room 216

*We have included information about the approximate age of members in each class, but it is our sincere belief that you will find you are welcome in any class you choose to attend.