Dear Teacher,

You don’t know it yet, but you have one amazing little human being coming your way.

He hasn’t met you, and he often forgets your name (no matter how many times I tell him), but he loves you already.  His face lights up at the mention of your classroom and all the magical things that will happen there.  For him, you are his guide into a world which he has yearned to join.

He’s special.  I know they all are, but this one is mine.

He’s wide-eyed and wide-open.  All. The. Time.  He’s the kid who’s going to grab life by the throat and shake it until every last drop of joy falls out.

He’s inquisitive.  Sometimes you’re going to feel like you’re on trial.

He’s smart- too smart.  People often remark he seems much older than 5.  He shares his mother’s love of a good argument.  He’s never at a loss for words, even when all you want is silence.

He loves people- fiercely.  Don’t be surprised to see him offering free hugs and kisses to anyone and everyone in his path.  He will go out of his way to make a friend.

He’s intuitive.  When someone is neglected, or God forbid bullied, he just may take care of that for you.

He loves rock n’ roll and a good dance party.  You may find him tapping on his desk or jamming on an air guitar.  He creates his own soundtrack for life.

He’s a storyteller.  Don’t let your mind wander or you may miss a few creative twists and turns.

He’s beautiful.  That smile and, oh, that laugh!  Good luck trying to keep a straight face.

He’s a rule follower and people pleaser.  Whatever you tell him, he will take it literally.  Be careful what you ask him to do because he will do it to death.

He’s quirky.  He gets things in his head and good luck getting them out.  Sometimes, it’s his way or the highway.  Try to enjoy the ride.

He’s sensitive.  His little heart breaks at the thought of disappointing someone or not completing the task perfectly.  Remember that.

I tell you all of this so that you understand what I mean when I say, “You have my heart.”  That beautiful, wild, smart, funny, type-A, intuitive, loving little man is my heart beating outside of my chest.

Be careful with my heart.

Be gentle and forgiving when he has trouble listening and would rather speak.  Be patient and kind when he sees your classroom as his new playground.  Be wise and thoughtful when he’s gone too far and needs to be redirected.  Be playful and wild when he asks you to join him in a song and dance.  Be inquisitive and excited when he encounters new places and things.  Be radiant and jubilant when he accomplishes what he believed he could not.  Be humble and honest when he questions everything he sees and hears.  Be motherly and tender when he experiences the hurt that others can inflict.

It’s hard to believe that he and I have made it to this point.  He’s ready, I know that, but don’t mind me if I shed a tear or twenty as I kiss him goodbye and walk away.  It’s hard, so if you will, stand in the gap for me while I am gone.

He loves you already, and so do I.  You have my heart, and for that, I give thanks.