Feb 17 through March 9
6- 7 │Dining Hall

As we journey together through the Lenten season we want to embrace the opportunity to delve deeper into examining a variety of ways to engage our spirituality.  For many, one significant way to do that is through art.  Spartanburg is fortunate enough to have many talented artists as a part of our community, but have you ever wondered how their work might serve as an extension of their personal spiritual journey?  Have you ever considered how engaging the arts might strengthen and grow your own spiritual self?

Join us each week, February 17th through March 9th, as we engage local artists on the topic of “Art and Spirituality”. This week we will hear from local artist, Dwight Rose.

You will not want to miss these meaningful artistic presentations and conversations!

Music, Missions & More runs concurrently for kids 5 and up. Nursery Care each week for children 4 and under.