Come out in support of TOTAL ministries!

Sept 26│11 to 4 │Chapman Cultural Center│$15

Hundreds of brilliantly glazed, handcrafted bowls will fill up the lobby of Chapman Cultural Center’s theater on Saturday, September, 26. Patrons will donate $15 per bowl in order to fill themselves with unlimited gourmet soups, bread, and tea, but it’s the philanthropic spirit that will be really satisfying.  All proceeds will go toward TOTAL Ministries this year. Last year, more than $22,000 went toward feeding hungry citizens of Spartanburg after the public made more than 1,000 clay bowls in months prior to the event. Regional musicians are also at Soup Day, performing free throughout the day, and a drum circle allows attendees to make their own music. For just $15, get your fill of soup and entertainment.

Musician Line-up:

Inside the Theater Lobby at the Chapman Cultural Center

11-12 • Daniel Z
12-1 • Fayssoux McLean & David Ezell
1-2 • 2 Daves
2-3 • Mark Miller
3-4 • Frank Walker

Outside DRUM CIRCLES, led by Melisa Emkjer? Noon – 1 and 2 – 3
Anyone is welcome to join in. Bring rhythm instruments for the kids!

For more information, visit Hub City Empty Bowls